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Amplifying Compliance

Ethics and Compliance to get everyone on the same page


Enhance your business with ethical compliance solutions. Get tailored programs to match your company's culture and risk profile. Maximize your business potential with our strategic approach. We offer flexible module implementation.


Culture & Values

  • Ethics & Compliance as part of Company’s values
  • High-level commitment from senior management
  • Tone at the top/middle to foster a culture of ethical behavior
  • Corporate governance
  • Speak up
  • Measurement of culture through regular surveys
  • Action plans in place to address areas of opportunity

Effective Training & Communication

  • Risk based training per function
  • Format: online/live training
  • Availability of training and resources
  • Awareness raising coming from top
  • Real life examples

Policies & Procedures

  • Ensure that Code of Conduct shows full commitment to compliance
  • Streamline operations with customized policies and procedures
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Foster transparency and accountability through clear guidelines
  • Enhance overall organization efficiency through effective implementation and enforcement

Risk based approach to Ethics & Compliance

  • Understand Company’s business from a commercial standpoint
  • Define risk profile
  • Risk management process
  • Updates and reviews of risk assessment
  • Lessons learned (internal and external)
  • Continous improvement

Confidential Reporting & Investigations

  • Efficient and trusted mechanism for employees to report
  • Anonymity and confidentiality
  • Investigation process
  • Trained investigators
  • Enforcement and discipline


  • Appointment of Compliance Officer(s)
  • Operational responsibility, autonomy and authority
  • Creation of Compliance committee (cross-functional)
  • Review and approval process
  • Reporting to senior management
  • Corrective actions


Picture of Lorena. A lady with brown polka hair and dark blue suit jacket

Lorena Cobiella Carnicer

I have over two decades of experience in legal and compliance matters at Philip Morris International and PricewaterhouseCoopers, and I have worked in several countries including Spain, Peru, Benelux, and Switzerland. I speak Spanish, English, and French.

As a trusted business partner, I have advised senior management on corporate law, regulatory compliance in a heavily regulated sector, advertising and consumer protection laws, among others. I have occupied senior positions in Ethics & Compliance, building and implementing compliance programs, keeping them current and relevant, and promoting a company culture about doing the right thing. I believe in Ethics & Compliance as a growth driver in any organization’s strategy.

I am a strong believer and supporter of a culture of respect and collegiality, fairness, dignity, and inclusion that fosters a diverse workplace.